Cam & Photos

The MP4 files are large


This is a Amcrest PTZ AI camera videos of objects MP4.
See what you think they are.







This is of the july 2022 Fireworks.

This is a large MP4

The camera captured a object that apperaed at 10:16:36.

The object manuvered to what looks to be above the Fireworks and became stationary.
However there is some movement where the object appears to ossilate and then move.
The object remained there till 10:19:53.  It then started moving and leaves the screen.
At the top of the screen look to the left of where the object leaves and you will see the
object reappear and accelerate and disappear. At 10:20:01.

Strange flight characteristics.

What do you think it is?

July 07032022 Fireworks Complete Video

July 07032022 Fireworks UFO

July 07032022 Fireworks Cloud AI slow motion

July 07032022 Fireworks cam photos

FlightRadar24 aerial tracking July 07032022

Mobile view isn't supported for the Tracking link

Use your computer or Get Flightradar24 app

If you dont have a FlightRadar account
Make sure the date and time are correct.

Tracking Location Ellwood city Pa

There aren't any aircraft that could account for the video from the tracking.

Moon Photo

Storm Photos

Weather MP4

Weather Photos

I created this pond.  It was a lot of work!

Pond Photos

The pond created a ice dome this winter..

Ice Dome MP4 

Ice Dome Photos

Ice Dome Night Photos 

These are captures of a object located at Antartica
Looks like a dome of some type.
What do you think.  Is it a Ice Dome? Its Large! 

Antartica Photos